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Logistics Office

The Logistics Office is tasked with ensuring a smooth, reliable delivery service from suppliers to clients. We will ensure full customs and pharmaceutical regulatory compliance throughout the process. Shipping and delivery will be investigated to ensure they comply with the country's regulations for pharmaceuticals.

Regulatory Office

Our Regulatory Office will work closely with your company by providing all relevant documentations required to facilitate full regulatory compliance throughout the entire process.








Business Partners

building strong healthcare business partnerships


BioPharm Tech product range currently include several market leading brands which cater for niche markets and territorial market gaps. Our team is highly skilled in carrying out regional market research to identify products which are specific to your country.


We work closely with our clients to provide the logistics and relevant documentations to ensure a smooth export / import door-to-door / port-to-port service (depending on country and location). Employed within our team are skilled personnel responsible for the logistics and ensuring a smooth and efficient service. All clients are allocated a sales executive who will work with you on a 1-2-1 basis to deliver your business.


Our clients are made up of a diverse group of small, medium and large businesses (Wholesalers, Hospitals and Pharmacies), over five continents (Caribbean, Africa, Asia, The Middle East & Europe). We are always striving to increase our client base, hence would like to hear from you to explore any potential business opportunities.


Our business is based on building the right partnerships ranging from Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, and Manufacturers to Hospitals and Pharmacies. We aim to provide quality healthcare products to the consumers. Our objectives are therefore based on accessing and channelling these products, via the right business partners, to the general public. As a company, we provide the logistics to ensure the end result. We therefore seek to build the right business partnerships with companies and individuals who share our vision for quality healthcare

Our company was initially experiencing service and supply issues from our mainline wholesalers. BioPharm Tech was introduced to us as a company who takes their business seriously. To date we have not turned back since we made them our main supplier for pharmaceuticals. I would happily recommend this company for consistency and service.

BioPharmTech surely has the knowledge and experience to deliver an expert and professional service across borders to various regions. Their understanding and support of pharmaceutical regulations and pharmacovigilance was invaluable in ensuring that our company was legally compliant with all shipments. Definitely a professional and trustworthy company.

BioPharm Tech, a trusted team

“Always striving to deliver beyond customers’ expectations”